Why Use Free Online Dating

Geplaatst op 01-03-2023

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So… why use a free online dating site?

Because at no cost to you: you are able to register, search (with complex filters) and connect with like minded singles in your area. That means you are able to find someone like yourself in mere minutes (ideally).

In the end it’s all about the connections and friendships that we forge over time in our life. Apart from the fact that money fame and power are superficial they all rely on the people in our life giving us some sort of feedback and payoff as a result of that fame/power.

It has been said that your happiness is a result of the number of positive relationships and friendships you create. It also has a lot to do with the depth and magnitude of each friendship but the point is that people are important (obviously).

Never underestimate the power of loneliness. Singles (you) will go to great lengths in search of love and equally great lengths to avoid being lonely, even if it means staying in a violent and meaningless relationship. The fear of being alone and unwanted is so great people even taken their own life to avoid it.

From an evolutionary perspective this makes some sense in that to be cast away from your tribe or group was to be sent to certain death.

We rely so much on the relationships and friendships we establish in our lifetime, proof of that is much of our time is spent either keeping the peace or establishing new relationships.

Facbook.com and similar social networks have given humanity the ability to connect and share information quickly and easily. It has also given us the ability to widen our social circle and catch up with old friends.

Online dating sites offer an incredibly easy and cost effective way of finding love or even sexual encounters. Once you get over the fact that your face will be seen by many (members of the site and the general internet population) you have the ability to meet countless groups of new people in your area.

Lonely singles sick of living life in a one bedroom apartment night after night need only to click a few times to browse through other singles in the exact same situation and general location.

Finding friendship, companionship, love and sex has now become almost trivial. The actual bonding experience still requires much sacrifice and love of course but making that initial contact with someone you never new existed is now easy and free.

It’s easy because you know that people that exist within online dating sites are single (most of them) and are actively on the lookout for love.

A women walking down the street does not have a “good to go” sign on her forehead and the risk of rejection is to high for men. Nightclubs are poor excuses for social interaction and are mostly just drunk guys with bad pick up lines.

The majority of relationships are established through introductions via mutual friends… Facebook ring a bell?

Free online dating sites open up the dating market so that anyone can join and try their luck. Social barriers are knocked down and risk of rejection is greatly reduced.

It is like everybody is boozed up and in a room where simultaneous interaction and connection is happening all at once.

Once single can initiate contact and chat with everybody at once via email without fear of being shot down… Better yet, the goal orientated efficiency at which online dating email takes place is brutal.

The goal is to find out as quick as possible what the other single’s intentions are and then to find out if they are compatible with your own set of values.

Depending on your confidence in them you could be hooking up that very night. In most cases you have a lunch date set up for the weekend.

This sort of light speed social interaction with strangers at an intimate level is a very recent invention.

The reality of most singles online dating experience is excitement filled with apprehension. After 10 years of online dating society is only now beginning to accept it for the amazing connection tool that it is.

There is still that underlying and understandable fear of chatting to someone that is lying to you about their intentions.

Perhaps they are a pack of teenagers seeing how far they can get or something much worse…

Facebook has used the existing social status that already to exists to create a close to reality online existence. Facebook profiles that get created are real… They are real because to interact you need to invite your friends.

You don’t lie to friends so faceboook becomes and authentic experience.

The one online dating flaw is that some humans still tend to lie about height , wealth , even sexual orientation and intention.

An easy way around this is to video chat before meeting up offline and to always meet in a public place the first time.

But the reality is that 99.99% of members using online dating sites are good natured and genuinely looking for some sort of connection whether it be serious or casual.

You just need to search in the right areas. Plentyoffish.com is a big site but it may not be what you are looking for… oasis active.com, okcupid.com pulling ladies.com/dating , connecting singles, woome.com are alternatives you could look into… Then there is always PAID…

Note: Even though I would recommend you start with free online dating sites, you do get what you pay for. Free online dating sites offer the exact same value as paid sites (the ability to find and contact other singles in your area). But despite offering a comparable service there will always be a stigma attached to the fact that they are free. They attract a certain user who may not be as serious as say an eHarmony member.

This is independent of features – purely money and society naturally filtering certain people into certain areas on the web. 100% free online dating provides an amazing service to singles all over the world and will continue to expand and grow, but keep in mind the open market that comes with the word FREE.